Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drumroll Please

There's been something that I've been just itching to tell the internet world, but I couldn't, because, you know, once you tell the internet world, everyone knows, and that means that, well, everyone knows, and I figured that if my boss at work found out from the internet world, she might get a tad bit pissy. (I totally had this whole other post written for this in my head over the past few weeks, but right now it is 1:30am and I have jumpy legs, so ya'll are going to have to take what I've got at this point.)

I'm pregnant!! Yay!!! On Thursday, I am officially 12 weeks. And I told my boss yesterday. Right before asking if I could go home to continue to recover from the stomach flu. Which kind of kicked my ass. She took it well, and told me that my August 19th due date was "So far away." Which really surprised me, because usually she is quite the planner. Since this will be the 6th kid in about 3 years to be born in our department, I guess she has learned to relax a little.

Samantha and new baby will be about 20 months apart, based on my accounting skills, which I hope are accurate, you know, considering I'm an accountant. And yes, we did plan on having them that close together, well, sort of. Turns out I'm kind of fertile. We seem to have the process down pat. Close is good, and hopefully they will like each other long before they are 45 and planning whether or not to have me come live with one of them or if I just get stuck in some nursing home. I mean, fighting over who gets to have me come live with them.

Being pregnant, and getting pregnant, means that I had to go off of my meds. Which made me sad. And kind of moody. And pretty darn irritable. (not sure if you noticed or know, the sad part??) I am dealing, and will continue to deal until my doctors tell me that I am crazy and really should, for the sanity of my husband and child, go onto some sort of medication. Not being on happy pills did NOT, I repeat, did NOT, help January out. At all. But it's over now, and things can only go up. I hope. I'm holding on to that.

Sam knows about her impending sibling, and so far her reaction has been to get sick. Hopefully she'll adjust a little bit better over the coming months. And yes, you all will have to wait, with us, until August to find out the gender of this little bun-in-the-oven. We decided it's more fun that way. What is NOT fun is that I have shot another summer of fun, since I won't be able to drink. At least I'll be able to drink through the holidays next year. But it's worth it.


Kevin said...

Congrats Gail!

Lakejunkies said...

I knew it before Bon told me good guess.

Pamela said...

Yay Gail! I'm so happy for you!!! At least you're prepared now, meds-wise, and you can take something immediately after having your baby or you can go on something mild during your pregnancy! Try to do prenatal yoga or workouts to keep the endorphins up. Nowhere near a happy pill but it's something! Congratulations!

me said...

yea!!! So happy for you guys! I can't believe that you are 12 weeks already!