Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comcast Update and Resolution

I was reading old posts on my blog the other night, you know, because that is what I do when I am bored, as opposed to actually writing another post. Anyway, I happened upon the one I wrote about Buster, and the one about death, and I started crying. And then I happened upon the one about Comcast, and I stopped crying and immediately felt guilty about the fact that I HAVE NOT kept you all updated on what happened!!

So here’s the final scoop. I wrote that post after the 2nd visit from Comcast, upon which they came to the house, didn’t have the cable cards, switched my phone and fucked with my TV. Which is what inspired me to write the post. It’s like being a crack dealer and then yanking the product away from the poor addicted soul who needs her fix, and actually has the money to pay for it! And the crack dealer happens to have a monopoly and has you in a long-term contract. So it has been a little more than a month since the whole situation got resolved, and here’s the rest of the story as I can remember it.

We set up a 3rd appointment, and Comcast called beforehand and didn’t have the cable cards, so we told them to not even bother coming. And we set up a 4th appointment. Each time I made an appointment, I made the point to give customer service Workaholic’s phone number, since he would be the one to meet them, and because I didn’t want to deal with it. For the 4th appointment, he would be working not far away, so if they called 10 minutes before they got to the house, as they were supposed to, he could meet them there no problem. Problem…they called the house. When they were in the driveway. And no one was home. So we got a message that we needed to reschedule our 4th appointment for the 5th time. Sigh.

By this time, I got shittier and shittier each time I talked to Comcast. I was firm, and angry, so they got the point that they needed to do what I asked. I can’t exactly remember what happened on the 5th appointment, I think that they called to confirm and once again, they did not have the cable cards. Which was the ONLY REASON FOR THE APPOINTMENT. By the 6th appointment, I was defeated. I didn’t care anymore, and told Comcast so, and was like, “Whatever, let’s set up another time for you not to come because you don’t have the right equipment.”

Around the 4th or 5th appointment, I started filing reports to the Better Business Bureau. If any of you have ever had a bad experience with a company, and DIDN’T file a report with the BBB, I highly recommend it. Comcast called me and was kind enough to offer me $20 for my inconvenience. I laughed and told them we would work something out when all was said and done. I did get the direct line of a very nice woman who never answers her phone, but always returns calls and follows up. And when appointment #6 didn’t work out, because they didn’t have the right equipment, I called her and WENT OFF. On her voicemail, of course, since she doesn’t actually answer her phone. Which, I guess if I had her job, I wouldn’t either. So appointment #7 was rescheduled for the same day. Here is where I got screwed and was hormonal and cried.

It was shortly before Christmas and my nephew was staying at my house for a couple of days. I needed to make cupcakes for a Christmas party, and realized that I did not have cupcake wrappers OR sprinkles. What is wrong with me?? Workaholic told me that our new appointment was between 2-4, which I thought was odd since all the others had been in 3 hour increments. (they actually called his cell phone, for the first time) Appointment #6 had been for 9-12 that same day. So me, thinking I had a little time, left the nephew in charge of the girl, and ran 3 minutes down the street to Walgreens. Did you know that Walgreens carries pie crusts and coconut flavoring, but NOT CUPCAKE WRAPPERS?? Yes, hard to believe, but true. As I stood there, in aisle 3, ready to cry, my phone beeps with a text message, “Comcast is here.” You. have. got. to. be. fucking. kidding. me. So I rush back home, and they are screwing around outside, and then need to come inside and screw around. Which I don’t understand, because we are ONLY INSTALLING CABLE CARDS. As it turns out, my friendly Comcast customer service rep (who I think is my own personal rep at this point), assigned to me to keep me from going postal on their ass, had called in that we had a problem with our service. So they came right out and were checking everything.

So as they are rearranging the cables for the 7 TVs that we have hooked up, and fixing the OnDemand for Workaholic’s cable box, I am pacing and angry that I can’t make my cupcakes. I don’t even think about the fact that yes, we have 7 TVs in our house, but we have 2 more rooms that we may randomly want to hook up, but since we don’t have TVs in those rooms currently, now we can’t hook them up and have them work. Grrr. (Please don't get me started on the fact that we have 7 TVs in our house. This is a lifetime of a hoarder not throwing away/giving away any TVS and accepting any free ones offered. So they get hooked up.) Finally, they install the cable card. Yes, one cable card which does the job of two. After weeks of appointments, and a couple of hours of phone calls, it magically is done in 45 minutes. Amazing. And at that point, I am tired, and defeated, and I don’t want to talk to anyone from Comcast anymore. Ever. Again.

But she calls, my rep. More than once. And I ignore her, because I don't want to talk to Comcast anymore. And I get a follow-up e-mail from BBB, because apparently when you file a claim, they want to know how it turns out. Around this time it was announced that Comcast was trying to take over some other huge company, or the other way around, and I am convinced that claims made to the BBB were investigated, and I have a bigger feeling that I am not the only one who has had issues. So finally, since I don’t have caller ID at work, I talk to the Comcast rep. And she offers me a free month of service. And I had already received a credit for a free month of service. I tell her that 21 hours of my life has been wasted, and a month and a half of TiVO service, and this has just been so frustrating and degrading and stressful, that I want THREE months of free service. Which amounts to almost $450. And she hesitated. For a long moment. And she said, “Three months?” And I said, “Yes, this was extremely upsetting and aggravating.” And then she agreed. WAHOO!!!! THREE MONTHS OF FREE TV!!!

In the end, it all worked out. Our service has been great. I love my TiVO more than ever, and want to get one for Workaholic in our bedroom. We are still living off of the credit, and I get a free movie or two for random things. Having Comcast phone is pretty great, since when someone calls, the caller ID shows up on your TV. Just like the commercial. And we have one less bill to pay since I switched over the phone from AT&T. So far, I am happy. If I ever have to change anything else though, I am calling my personal rep to let her know first. It just seems easier that way.


Cybil said...

OMG! I f'n HATE COMCAST! They totally suck, and I went through a very similar situation as you. Good Luck! My cable has NEVER been right!

Pamela said...

Go you!!! I'm all about asking for free shit from the cable company...

ComcastCares1 said...

7 service appointments is truly unacceptable. I'd like to look into this. Do you mind sending me the phone number inked to your account?

I am glad it is all fixed now, but I would like to apologize for the troubles we caused.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations