Monday, February 22, 2010

Youth and Divorce and General Stupidity

Actual conversation I heard at the deli counter yesterday:

Man: Hey, remember me??

Woman: Umm….

Man: I’m the guy that you didn’t invite to your New Years Eve party. You know, but you did invite my ex-wife.

Woman: Umm, oh hi!

Man: Yeah, I spent it alone, at home, with my mother.

Woman: Oh really? That sounds nice.

Man: Yeah, we just sat there together, alone.

Woman: Yeah, I haven’t really seen or talked to your ex.

Man: Oh, she’s probably with her boyfriend.

Woman: Oh, really? You think so?

Man: Of course! I mean, there is no other reason for her to have done what she did. The way she was acting, and behaving, and just being such a total bitch.

Woman: Umm…yeah, I texted her.

Man: Oh, she turned off texting on her phone.

Woman: Oh really?

Man: Yeah, she’s just completely whacked out.

At this point, it was my turn to place my order and I had to stop listening. But folks, let me give you a little advice. Even if your significant other leaves you for absolutely no discernable reason, and you don’t get invited to a party, assume you lost that person in the divorce and LET IT GO. Without even knowing the circumstances, I felt so awful for this poor, innocent woman who just wanted to get some Waldorf salad. And if you do want to confront some random acquaintance, be damn sure you look your best and aren’t wearing sweatpants and a lime green jacket. Also, it would probably be best if you didn't give everyone in the deli section a pretty good idea of why your wife left you.

Another example of stupidity…A few weeks ago, I got a prepaid credit card in the mail. It was my address, but not addressed to me. Or my husband. Or my daughter. Not even the dog. Some random chick. (her name is Marchelle S. Adams) I called the credit card company, and they simply told me that they would put a stop on the card and hung up. No idea how or why this happened or if I should do anything about it. Saturday, I get a letter from the Indiana Department of Revenue, made out to this chick. Turns out her credits were higher than what she reported, so her refund will be more than expected. I now have this girl’s social security number!!! How can she not know her own address??? And now I am all paranoid that somehow this is part of a bigger scheme, so I need to run our credit reports and put red flags on them. But seriously, what would you do?? Is this part of some bigger scam that I haven’t heard of?


Gemini-Girl said...

I don't think it's part of a bigger scam. I often get irs letters to my address with a different name on them. I assume it was the tenants that were there before us.

Gail said...

I totally would normally agree with you GG, except we built our house. And I've searched our county and the one next door for our address or similar, and there is nothing out there. I am going to do a credit check on Workaholic and I, and just hope that it is some really, really stupid girl. To make things worse, I think I shredded the piece of paper from the state, as well as the copy I made myself. Oops!!