Friday, February 12, 2010

New Blogs and Babies

Somewhere along this fantastic road known as life, we sort of get lost around the way. I have nothing to follow up with this, I just wanted to say, “Somewhere along this fantastic road known as life.”

Any-hoo, I’ve found a couple of new blogs that I have added to my list over there to your right. Check them out, these ladies are fun-ny! I wish, oh HOW I WISH, I could complain about my job on here. But too many people in my real life read this, and I would get fired, in…oh, say an instant.

I do have a cute Samantha tidbit to share. Workaholic put her to bed last night, since I got my hair done after work and had to eat dinner at 8pm. He called me up to her room and she was sitting in her crib, blanket in one arm, baby doll in another, rocking the baby and doing her own special version of cooing. (it sounds more like a moan, but I figured saying my kid was rocking her baby doll and moaning didn’t sound very good) It was so. friggin’. cute. I wish I’d had the video camera, but it was too dark and she probably would’ve stopped as soon as she saw it anyways. I am not sure where she learned that a baby doll is just a smaller version of her, and you know, not real, but she hugs it and rocks it like I do her, so I guess she is a smart little cookie.

I had my 13 week check-up yesterday, and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It took her a minute to find it, and instead of getting all worried that there might not be a heartbeat, I got excited, thinking “Oh! Maybe we’ll get an ultrasound!” But alas, not meant to be, good strong heartbeat was found and Sam heard it and stopped and listened, before continuing to attempt to hang Workaholic’s keys on the wall. Without a hanger. It was cute to see her get all mad. And when I pointed out to my doctor that I was 13 weeks, and not 12, and that meant only 27 to go, he laughed at me. Then he pointed to Sam and said, “Well at least you get a prize at the end!” I heart him.

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