Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally!! A Picture!!!

I took a picture of a computer monitor when one of dad's doctor's came in this afternoon. The image on the left was taken this morning. The sides are flipped, so the left side of the image is actually the right side of his brain, and vice versa. The image on the right was taken when dad first came in a couple of weeks ago. You see that dark grey area on the left of the left side? Yeah...that's all fluid and membrane. That is why he had a "little bit of weakness" on his left side. The lighter gray area on the right half of the left side of the image on the right (got that??) is dad's right side of his brain, all squished up. Poor brain.

Dr. Witt just came in, and dad thanked him for taking care of the membrane and cleaning out the ick. Dad didn't remember threatening him, which made Dr. Witt actually smile at the memory!! (we think he was a very shy child...and probably has an IQ double mine and my sisters put together) (his residents call him Dry Witt) It's a momunmental moment to get Dr. Witt to smile.
So, while dad looks kinda like crap, and feels like hell, he is getting a little bit better every hour. He does loves his hourly pain injection, and me and my sister are watching him like hawks while "working" on our computers. Thank God for technology.

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paige said...

Glad things seem great. I like to see images like that when something like this is going on - it makes me feel better to know more. You know?