Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Miss Her

In preparation for leaving for the weekend, I did all kinds of getting ready. I got my hair done (yes, it was that bad), went to the grocery store, did laundry, picked up the drycleaning and went to the bank, ran to Target, and made sure the dishwasher was emptied. When I put Sam to bed on Tuesday night, I was thinking that it was the last night until Sunday when I would be putting her down. We had planned on taking her to my mother-in-law's house the next night so Workaholic could go to work super early on Thursday.

After I laid her down, I started to miss her. Like, really miss her. I felt so bad I had spent all my time running around, when I should've been spending my time with her. She was in the next room, and all I could think of was how I wasn't going to see her for 4 days. So I went in to her room and just put my hand on her back. And she jumped. Oh dear. Then she sat up, and looked around, and smiled real big. OH DEAR. Then she stood up and reached out. Great, now she is awake. I really had just wanted to touch her and stare at her.

So I pick up her and she immediately starts swirming around and pointing at random objects and pushing against me. She wants down. Sigh. Time to put her back to bed. I laid her back down and she started crying, and I walked out, and she cried for the next 5 minutes. She doesn't do that...she'll cry for a minute or two, but then give up or just fall asleep. But for 5 or 10 minutes, she just cried. Talk about breaking your heart. So now I am sitting in a hotel room, aching for bed and my little girl, and my boy and my dog. I'm so happy my dad is OK, and I am so glad I am here, but I still miss my little girl.


Pamela said...

I'm glad everything is okay too! But seriously, never touch a sleeping baby, are you crazy woman?!

paige said...

Glad your dad is okay. That's a scary thing. It must be difficult leaving the baby but you had a good reason.