Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Month!!

Today Charlie had her one month appointment. I wasn't going to go at a month, but with the pooping...well...I wanted a doctor's approval for whatever I was going to do.

And get this...she weighs 9 lbs 8 oz!!!! That means that she has gained almost 3 pounds in a month, and she gained over 2 pounds in 20 days!! To say that my doctor is pleased is an understatement. ("They" say that babies should gain 1/2 to 1 ounce per day after birth. So she gained 34 ounces in 20 days. Overachiever.) And here is what she said about the pooping, because I know you are all dying to know...

1) If Charlie wasn't gaining weight, she would be concerned about the non-bowel-movement. OK...that's not a problem.

2) If Charlie wasn't having a lot of pee diapers, she would be concerned about the non-bowel-movement. Again...not a problem.

3) Charlie is supposed to have this freakishly distended belly, apparently babies are supposed to look like Budda. Again, no problem.

4) Charlie is considered an exclusively breastfed baby, since she gets less than 10 ounces formula a day. So it is OK for her to go 5 days without...going. (Of course, she said 5 days after I told her it was always at least 4 1/2 days.) So I guess the not going is...not a problem.

5) Charlie has wicked bad gas, so we are switching her to Enfamil Gentle Ease, and hopefully that will help with the crying. And the screaming. And the not-sleeping.

6) Charlie probably wakes up at night because she is hungry, see above for the weight gain.

Basically, I have a normal kid. With normal problems. My mom keeps reminding me that everything was not easy with Sam right off the bat, she cried a lot too. And we would just put her on the bathroom floor. Not kidding. I guess we need to do that with poor, neglected little Charlie.

A girl I know recommended a product called Infaskin. It is said to do the same thing for babies that Activia does for adults. Or something like that. It really helped her son, and I am all about helping my kid. We'll see how it goes...I'll let you know, in case someone else has issues with gas and pooping and crying and did I mention the gas and the crying?? And the not pooping? (And...yeah...I didn't ask my doctor about the Infaskin. Because I was afraid that she would tell me no. And I don't like to hear the word no.)

So here are Charlotte Mae's one month stats...

Height-12 inches (60th percentile) ***Oops!! I meant 21 inches!

Weight-9 lbs, 8 oz (50th percentile)

Head-14 1/2 inches (60th percentitle)

We are so proud.

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me said...

9 lbs and only 12 in - she must really look like Budda ;)