Sunday, April 3, 2011


A few weeks ago, not too long after our snowmobile caught on fire, our TV sort of did the same thing.

I came home, and our beautifully large, wonderful TV from our basement was sitting in the garage.

Apparently, we "somehow" lost a negative in the basement wiring, and there was a humming sound. And then a sound like the air was being let out of a balloon. And then a loud pop. And then smoke.

And Sam was right there.

Ever since, she has developed a fear complex. Of pretty much anything. I have been able to convince her that big trucks stay in the road and she is safe in the house. I also calmed her nighttime fears by letting Sampson sleep with her.

But anything unexpected, anything loud, anything big, scares her. And she cries and wants to be held.  Which I guess is understandable.

But I am not sure how to get her past this. Is it just a matter of time? Do I need to reassure her and eventually she'll grow out of it and realize that the world is full of big, scary, unexpected noises?

We are renovating a new cottage in Michigan that we just bought. And I took her over there today so she could see daddy and papa and her two uncles at work. But between the table saw, the nail gun, and the drill, I about pushed her over the edge. We left and she was saying, "Papa come home soon, stop making loud noise. I no like it."

If you ask her what happened to the TV, she'll tell you, "TV no stop smoking. Sam scared, got paier."

I hope that she isn't permanently traumatized from the TV. Hopefully once we turn the lights back on in the basement and start watching TV down there again all will be well. I hope.

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