Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Just Trying to Help

Since K is leaving us in May, we are on the hunt for a new nanny for the girls. We've had some good applicants, and then, well...there are some others. Below is a helpful list of what NOT to say if you are applying for a job with a family.

  • If the title of the job is "Live-In Nanny" or "Live-Out Nanny", please do not respond and say, "It sounds like a perfect job for me, except for the Live-in/Live-out part. There is a reason that is the TITLE OF THE JOB.
  • The proper spelling of the shortened version of advertisement is "ad". Not add. ADD is a form of developmental disorder.
  • If you are a smoker, don't apply for a nanny job that states only non-smokers should apply.
  • Don't apply for a live-in position if you have your own kids, that you want to bring with you. Enough said.
  • Use punctuation. And spell check. And proper grammer. i.e. YOUR is not spelled ur. I am is not abbreviated im. The beginning of every sentence should start with a capital letter.
  • Don't offer childcare in your home if the ad specifically states an in-home nanny is desired. The parents have probably looked into daycare before, and prefer not to have to drag their kids out of bed in the morning and get them ready to take them to someone else's house.
  • Do NOT complain about your current job when responding to an ad. You come across as whiny.
  • Do not tell me about your physical ailments when I am asking you to care for two children under the age of two. If you have a back problem you feel is necessary to tell me about, then this job may not be for you.
Thanks, and you are welcome.

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