Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I do not handle stress well. I also do not handle change well...and stress due to change is the worst.

We have lots of stress due to changes going on around our house.  And even though (with the exception of K leaving us) the changes are good, for the better, I don't know how to handle everything.

The weeks before I got married, I wasn't the excited, bubbling bride-to-be. I was a bitch. I was so stressed about how everything was going to go and all the details and the planning, I wasn't focusing on the fact that I was marrying the man I loved.

The months after, I was also a bitch. Because I was stressed out about writing thank you notes.

And now? I am being a bitch.

I wish it wasn't this way. I wish I knew how to handle all of this. I wish I knew how everything was going to turn out.


Anonymous said...

Honey relax calm down take a big breath in !!! Now understand stress is a wonderful way of keeping us on target in getting things done . Spin it . Its not a bad thing unless you let it be a bad thing ! example by being a "bitch" Embrace your stress fullness by excepting the fact that ok I need to lock myself in the bathroom with some bubbles candles and a glass of wine with my favorite music. All stress is is a safety switch that says ut oh I need to pamper myself. You have a beautiful life, a wonderful hubby ,adorable beautiful lil girls, great in laws who um have great friends . but most of all people whom love and adore you!!! So relax don't be so darn hard on yourself and when you feel your inner "Bitch " coming out lock yourself away to make her go back in . Come out refreshed , recharged and ready to smile and laugh with your awesome family!

We love u punkin
Karen Roth

"As We Speak" said...

I respect your honesty, I really do. We are all in this life together and, NO ONE KNOWS HOW EVERYTHING IS GOING TO TURN OUT.

I do know that kids learn how to live their lives and develop coping
skills from parents. SO, I KNOW

I know you will be a great example
for your girls...you will!