Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

I was so worried about getting a post out introducing Kale, that I haven't really written anything much lately. This is what I have been thinking.

Xanex fixes everything. Can't sleep? Xanex. Nervous about a test? Xanex. Want to beat your child/dog/mother/boss? Xanex. See? It fixes everything.

Why does everyone love puppy breath? It is disgusting. I don't understand why everyone goes gaga over it.

I never thought I would be THAT person who was addicted to their smart phone. Yeah, I was wrong.

Kale was NOT the first name I considered for my our new puppy. Some other options were Kade, Kai, Angus, Harry, and Clyde. I think that Workaholic has decided to call him Clyde, which means Sam will too. Great.

K is leaving us in a month. We do not yet have a replacement for her. And yet I am not panicking. This is what I keep telling myself. Everything WILL work out.

I think when Workaholic blew up the TV, he also blew up my adding machine, my shredder, and my space heater. Which, ironically, I think is what caused the TV to blow up. I miss my space heater.

Am I the only one who has lived in a house for less than 6 years and needed to entirely repaint it? Yes? Oh.

I tend to judge people on their landscaping. Like, if it is totally out of control and overgrown, I think, "Wow, those people really should work on their landscaping. What is wrong with them?" And then I look at my yard, and think, "Uh, oops."

I haven't finished my taxes yet. Yes, I am a dumbass.

I play Wordfeud regularly on my phone. And yes, I cheat. Deal with it.

I am wondering if I should be concerned that I don't know where Clyde is right now. Oh shit...


Rebecca said...

Haha love this one. Exactly how my brain works!

Amber said...

The landscaping? I do the same thing. Even though my yard needs some serious help...

Pamela Gold said...

Yes, Xanax does fix everything. Everything.