Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Losing My Hearing Due To Loud TVs

The other day, I looked in the sink and it was full of dishes. I had spent time that morning emptying the dishwasher just so there would be room for the day's messes. You know, so it didn't have to pile up in the sink. I thought to myself, "Self, that has got to be my biggest pet peeve, dirty dishes in the sink when there is a perfectly good empty dishwasher begging for glasses and plates and sippy cups to clean."

And then I went to bed. (after loading the dishwasher)

And I remembered that I have a way bigger, much more importantly disturbing pet peeve.

Loud TVs.

As in LOUD TVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Workaholic's father has been extremely hard of hearing since he was a little boy. So I guess their TV was always turned up really loud, so his dad could hear it. I get that. I do. And I also get having the closed captions on, so anything that he couldn't hear he could read and didn't always have to ask people what was going on. I get that too.

But once we got our own home, I thought that maybe, just maybe, we could turn our TV down. I mean, I compromised with the closed captions, I actually got pretty used to them. (There are some shows that you HAVE to watch with the closed captions on, otherwise you'll miss something. Like the West Wing. Sigh...I miss that show. Such a good show.)

However, as "we" have, ahem...aged, I've noticed that our TV is getting louder, and Louder, and LOUDER. I lay in bed at night as he hangs out in the bathroom, watching TV with the shower running, and it drives. me. insane. All I want to do is go to sleep, yet the TV is so loud I am forced to social network on my phone and post facebook statuses such as "Bored." Which people them mock me for the next day.

You know what he watches? A lot of there is lots and lots of bleeping and people screaming at each other. Then there is the Discovery Channel and the History Channel, so we get to "watch" (and by watch I mean he watches and I get to hear every. single. thing. said in each and every show) the same episodes of Pawn Stars and Hard Core Pawn, How It's Made, Swamp People, Ax Men, River Monsters, and Hogs Gone Wild over and over...just to mention a few. Usually, what I am hearing sounds a lot like this...

"I want my money b*tch!"

"How dare you insult me you bleeep!!"

"Oh SH*T! That's a big 'gator!"

"Bleeep! That hog is coming right for us!"

"Officer! I want that Bleep to go bleep and bleepity-bleep-bleep!!!!!!"


That is bad, but the worst is when we are watching TV together and a commercial comes on. Apparently, I have developed a nasty little habit of hitting mute for the break...and then leaving the room. For an indeterminate amount of time. I completely forget that I had been watching an especially enticing episode of "Gold Rush-Alaska. (How could I have forgotten???)

So NOW, Workaholic turns up the TV just to piss me off. Because I guess when I mute the TV and walk out of the room he doesn't like that much. Huh.  I like to combat his passive-aggressive nature by just turning the damn thing off. Ahhh...quiet.

But seriously...why listen at level 50 when you can hear perfectly fine at level 14?? If you can't hear...then just read the closed captions.

Am I the only one with this problem? Or are YOU a LOUD TV person?

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Amber Page Writes said...

My hub does that and it drives me insane. He'll put star trek on at level 9 zillion...when I'm trying to get the munchkin down to sleep. Argh!