Saturday, March 3, 2012

Miss Charlotte

Charlie turned 18 months last month, and her personality is coming out more and more.

It's always been there, she is just getting a little more....assertive.


The other night she wanted fruit snacks after dinner. Totally fine, except she had just thrown her napkin on the floor. When I told her to pick it up and throw it in the trash can (something I have seen her do a million times on her own), she threw herself on the floor crying. And kicking. I was like, "Seriously?"

After about 30 seconds of trying to reason with her, I gave up, and reminded her nicely every few minutes that she could have her fruit snacks if she just threw her napkin into the garbage. That was met with more tears and snot and screams.  Workaholic came home and asked what I did to her. He was doubtful that she "understood what I wanted." HA! He believed that for about 5 seconds, until he tried to do my bidding and was met with the same resistance.

About 30 minutes of tantrum later, she calmed down enough to find a package of wet wipes and start playing with them. As she pulled one out, I said to her, "Charlie, if you just throw that wet wipe and the napkin on the floor away, you can have FRUIT SNACKS!" As in YAY!! FRUIT SNACKS!!! You know what she did??? She looked at me, looked at the wet wipe, and THREW IT ON THE FLOOR.


Workaholic just sighed and got up, put her in the timeout spot, and let her calm down. It was about 15 minutes after that when he was able to go and get her, still crying, force her to bend down and pick up the wet wipe and force her to throw it away. Then he forced her to bend down and pick up the napkin, and made her throw that away. And then shut the door to the cabinet that the garbage can is kept. And then she got her fucking fruit snacks. And you know what? She stopped bawling immediately.

What is wrong with this picture?? 1) Over fruit snacks?? I mean, come on, they are good, but not THAT GOOD. 2) Over throwing away a napkin?? What the hell am I supposed to do with her in 15 years???

Our other issue that we are struggling with her is to get her to communicate with us. I would be perfectly fine if she would learn sign language for things like more and thank you and milk. But nooo, she won't even do the more sign. The easiest thing in the world that Sam will still do to this day.

A few weeks ago, my father-in-law walked in to my house and she ran to him and said "Papa!" Which was huge, considering everyone and their mother and their children are currently "mommy". Even Workaholic is mommy. We then tried getting her to say Oma, and she wouldn't.

She will, however, say full sentences that you can sort of understand, such as...

What is that?

I want to go to bed.

Where's the puppy?

Go Away!!

I wanna go bye-bye.

and the ever popular,


(OK, yes, I know a couple of those are only 2 words, but considering she still refuses to say the word YES, I want to go to bed is pretty impressive.)

I see a lot of myself in her, and it isn't just the eyes and the propensity for eating dog food as a child. I think we may be in trouble.

Any suggestions on how to deal with stubborn children? Or how to motivate them to do your bidding?

Half devil-half angel

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