Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yes, I'm Talking About Poop

You know what is adorable?


And pets.

You know what is NOT adorable?

The bodily functions that come out of kids and pets.

Yes, that is right, I'm talking about poop, and other such things.

The other day, we were cleaning up the yard, and Sam came running up the hill. All of the sudden she stopped, dropped her pants to her knees, squatted and peed in the grass. When asked what she was doing, she just looked at Workaholic and said, "I had to pee!"

Duh, dad.

At least she didn't poop in the yard. At that point, I would have heard..."Gail! Poop!"

Did you know that two dogs poop twice as much as one? And if you throw in a cat and neighbor's dogs who occasionally like to use your yard, that amounts to a shitload of poop. (sorry, couldn't resist)

I just did a spring cleanup of poop in my yard.

It was an obscene amount of poop.

I just had to tell the internet that.


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