Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Happy Conclusion from my guest blogger

Hey everyone, today I am giving space to my first guest blogger, my dad. (not that he exactly gave permission, this is just how his e-mails read) He'll be able to tell you in his own way, the conclusion to the mighty Toyota Tacoma saga....of course, I am adding in my own thoughts...

I am not as good as Gail when it comes to enhancing stories. However, I will try. (waait...enhancing?) The 11 year old, 3 days ago, truck was pronounced to be unsafe at any speed, by Toyota. Very disappointed news. To say I was urinated off would be a like saying Mt. St. Helens was a fart in the wind.

I began the search for a like (key word) replacement. I got nowhere. However, sired off-spring unit #4, (that would be me!!) in her usual internet savy, found a site that listed every (almost) Tacoma on the planet (seriously). I went through 40 pages of trucks and having narrowed my selection, I found 1 (one) that fit the bill. It was in Elmhurst, IL. I directed the salesman to acquire it.

He called Elmhurst and said they would not talk to him, confirm they even had the truck, or talk dealer trade. Given such obstacles, I made the totally logically man decision and made a $500 down-payment on that truck that I did not know if it was available/in existence. The salesman insisted they made lots, or at least several phone calls,(which I am guessing to mean 1) to the Elmhurst dealer and could not get anyone to even call back. I woke up this am at 04:00 convinced I was not going fishing to Canada, and would spend my retirement driving a truck I did not like. Most discouraging. I figured global thermal nuclear war was the only option even thought it was too good for Toyota-especially those in Lafayette and Elmhurst. I got to work at least 1:15 (does that mean an hour and 15 minutes??)early. Moped around prior to flying to MSN.

The secretary in Hangar 6 who really runs and controlls the flight program, which would vaporize without her, was the next victim of my whinings. Turns out, she and her husband, who used to work for us but is now with the FAA in Indy, were good friends to your friend and mines', Bob Rorhman's right hand man, who everybody but Bob answers to. I asked if she could give him a buzz and relay my pathetic plight and tell him I would be out that very afternoon to chat.

Well, while driving to the east side domain of Toyota, what do you know but my cell phone erupts with the Emperors March--no doubt an omen. It's Casey the salesman. He has found a truck that meets all the requirements i.e. 4 x 2, 2.7L 4 cylinder engine, access cab, and 5 speed manual transmission. But it is black. Wants to know if I want him to get it from the dealer in Joliet. At this point an evil devil appeared before me, reminding me (channeling) of how Grandpa Thomas (not that he was an evil devil but he had a nack of getting his way when dealing with truck salesmen), bought cars, trucks, tractors and combines. I said no, but I would be there in 10 minutes to discuss "options". We tried again to get the dealer in Elmhurst to deal, but he wouldn't talk. The truck in Joliet was black and the one in Elmhurst was silver. I didn't want a black truck in Lafayette in the summer due to heat or winter due to the white road salt.

At this point I said I wanted to speak to # 2 in the food chain, the afore mentioned friend of our secretary. He called Elmhurst, left a voice mail and promised results by the end of the day. I left and went back to work- in a pouring rain (another omen). This was about 2:00. At 4:30 the salesman calls and advised that a deal had been struck and that the Elmhurst truck would be in Lafayette not later than Thursday. (YAY!!)

All you have to do is be persistent, a little adamant with a hint of arrogance, know the right people, and things happen. I called and ordered the trailer hitch and wiring, arranged for the rust proofing, (which obvoiusly worked wonders on the last truck, seeing as how 2 holes were rusted in the frame) the dealer will take car of all of that and let me know when it is done-early next week. Now if they just don't wreck it driving it down here from Elmhurst.

Dad...let me just say that I am happy that you finally got your way!!

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LakeJunkies said...

Daddy O you did a great job enhancing the story Father like Daughter GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!