Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Friends

Yesterday I received the weirdest call. Well, weird only in the sense that it was totally unexpected. Phone rings, and I pick it up totally thinking it was Workaholic, and am annoyed that he had woken me up for the third time that day. (What?? It’s a Saturday. And yes, the weather outside was indeed beautiful) Instead, I hear a voice I haven’t heard for almost 5 years, my friend from high school and college, Kate. Kate and I had a fabulous time in high school, doing all sorts of things that she laments that she can’t believe that didn’t get us get killed, or arrested, or killed someone else. I actually don’t remember many of these dangerous things, high school seemed like a blast to me, and while we did break a few laws, most of the kids that we knew were doing so. much. worse. Anyway, she got engaged after college, and I wasn’t particularly fond of her fiancĂ©, as neither were most of our high school friends. (Workaholic reminds me that he doesn’t think that she liked him either…he made her nervous!!) I am sure that is what ended our speaking. (Well, what really ended it was one day I decided not to call her and see how long it took for her to call me. Yeah…you guessed, 5 years. I’m not bitter.)

Anyway, she had a baby recently and seeing as how she lives about, oh, 10 minutes from me, I sent her a card. This was the girl in school that whenever someone asked what she wanted to be, she responded a stay at home mom. (Seeing their reaction, she switched to teacher after not too long. Seemed like the next best thing.) So she is a teacher, well, was until she popped out a little boy. We had a good chat, and will meet for lunch sometime this week. It sort of makes me nervous, just because we were good friends, and then we seemed to grow apart. (well, actually she got new friends and didn’t need good ol’ me anymore, but who remembers way back then??...oh wait, I do) Kate did end up marrying the guy that no one liked, and so I guess I’ll just have to get over that. (Add him the list of my friend’s significant others who, if they hurt my friends, I’ll hurt them) But to be honest, it would be nice to have one of my friends here in The Region, especially one that knew me way back when.

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