Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh...the shame!

Last night, Workaholic had to work the night shift, so I was alone. I watched my TiVo’d shows, and then got bored. After talking to a couple of friends, one of whom had to put her child in time-out for throwing a broom handle at her (he denied it sooo adamantly, even though she saw him do it), I realized that my cleaning lady was coming today. Now this is pretty much embarrassing for me, seeing as how I work, but don’t do much else. I don’t even cook much; I consider it a victory if there are SmartOnes and Stouffers’ in the freezer, and bread and pb&j in the pantry. So after taking a quick look around at the house, I decided that I needed to pick up before she came. Yes, I am one of those people.

After an hour of cleaning, my house is ready to be cleaned. Pathetic. AND, I vacuumed. What is wrong with me??

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