Monday, June 16, 2008

Wedding, Anyone?

My friend Nadene has never been a big friend of the institution of marriage. It could have to do with the fact that her parents are divorced, or the fact that she doesn’t like to be told that she has to do something. Either way, she needed health insurance and her fiancée and her had been together for 9 years. So she decided last Thursday night to go ahead and get married at the local courthouse, on her lunch hour, on Friday the 13th. (don't think she didn't find the humor in that) Jennifer did all the legwork, meaning that she found the judge to marry them, set the time, and ordered the white bouquet.

So it went off without a hitch, (the judge was adorable! and soo thrilled to marry two responsible adults, apparently he married an 18 year old and a 22 year old that morning) and Nadene headed back to work, her fiancée had to stop and buy cookies for his co-workers on his way back to work (to help celebrate…their orders), and I went to Arni’s. Oh, Junior, I do love you.

Workaholic was unable to attend the ceremony, not real surprising since we were given about, oh, 16 hours notice, but he was able to make the dinner…an hour and a half late, but he made it!! The only picture I have so far is of the happy couple sharing their Dreamcicle cheesecake...

As low key the event was, (there was no string quartet announcing our arrival at the courthouse), it was ideal and very nice. Nadene appreciated the fact that we went through the efforts we did to come, and as much as she isn’t all about the ceremony, she was glad that we were there to share it with her. (and did I mention the judge could not have been more perfect??)

So congratulations Nadene and KB. Continued health and happiness to both of you…I love you!! (and this weekend looks gorgeous!!)

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