Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NBC...you're on report

So my life is pretty boring…as evidenced by the fact that I feel I need to share the details of my boring life with anyone who is willing to read it on the internet. Every night, I go home, and I am tired, and so I grab a snack and settle down to watch one hour of TV.

Some would say that I have an addiction to the Mitsubishi in my basement. Or perhaps it’s the Lazy Boy hand-me-down couch that I sit (recline) on as I watch the Mitsubishi. Or perhaps it’s the sheer enjoyment I get of staring at a screen at people who have much, much more exciting lives than I. So, needless to say, I go into a little bit of withdrawal during the summer months. There are roughly... too many shows to count that I watch during the winter. During the summer, I find myself looking forward to Thursday nights for My Boys on TBS (a little 22 minutes of heaven). I also enjoy Army Wives and Jon & Kate Plus 8. So…that’s kind of it. I TIVO The Soup, because that is an easy way to catch up on all the shows that I don’t watch but everyone talks about. So…what?...about 2 ½ hours of shows a week…including commercials, which I don’t watch due to the wonders of TIVO? That’s just not enough to satisfy my enormous appetite. Seriously, during the winter, I can watch that much TV in one night!!

So the last couple of years, I’ve started watching Days of Our Lives during the spring. Now, you have to understand, me and Days go waay back. I’m talking, maybe when I was 9 years old, I started watching. I am thinking that my sister Cleo was 12, and she is 3 ½ years older than me. So I know all about Bo & Hope, and how Hope disappeared for a few years because Stephano blew her up when they got stranded on the island, and then she returned as Gina and hit on John Black, who used to be Roman, and then the old Roman returned. And I remember when Shawn was Shawn Douglas, and then Shawn D, and now he has a baby with John and Marlena’s daughter Belle, who is named after John’s late wife Isabella, who was Victor’s daughter, and…well, you get my drift.

With the way that work has been going lately, I’ve really looked forward to coming home afterwards and finding out what is up with Max & Stephanie, Sami & EJ & Lucas, and Chelsea & Daniel. So yesterday, after a particularly bad day, imagine my incredible excitement when I read the description and Daniel finally asks Chelsea out on a date and Sami admits her feelings for EJ…and then my crushing disappointment when I see that the bleeping U.S. Open is on instead of my beloved Days, because Tiger just had to send it into sudden death during the regularly scheduled time the day before.

I am fairly certain when things like this happen, they just keep going, they don’t show the prevoius day's episode the next day, so I will never see the moments I have been waiting for. What the hell NBC?? Don’t you know that housewives around the country depend on their daily fix of the goings on in Salem, and that we get very upset when we can’t watch??? I mean come on!! Most men that watch that crap watch it on the internet (while they are at work) anyway, or the country clubs subscribe to Dish, so put it on one of those channels, or couldn’t you delay in an hour or something?? WHY, NBC, WHY???

Today, I am OK with what happened yesterday, because there was an hour long episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. But if there hadn’t been…who knows what would’ve happened.

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