Monday, June 23, 2008

Surfing Queen

UPDATE: Tuesday, June 24th-Still sore. Hurts. To. Walk.

This weekend, I wake surfed!! It was very exciting, well, for me anyway, watching someone learn how to wakesurf is a lot watching someone learn how to waterski. It’s exhilarating for the person when they finally get up and stay up, but the people in the boat are going, “Finally!” It took about 8 tries for me to get up, after the seventh I wanted to give up. It literally felt like my ass was just not going to be able to be pulled out of the water. You know, when you ski or wakeboard, the boat just pulls you right out. Well, when I was trying to get up, I couldn’t get my butt out of the water, even though my feet were on the board and the boat was gunning ahead of me. (I blame driver error, although we’re not going to share that with Workaholic, since he was the driver.) He finally figured out that I needed to be dragged a bit until the board popped up onto my feet and then the boat could pull said butt up. (of course, we have a certified surf instructor in the family, but was he on the boat??? Nooo….)

The awesome part about when I finally got up was that another boat had pulled up after the 7th failed attempt with some friends of ours. The girl I know had a heck of time trying to get up the first time she tried to surf, but her brother not only got up after the first try, he threw the rope back to the boat and surfed after about the 3rd try!! (stupid athletic jerk) So they pull up and we chat for a minute and I lament about how I suck at this game, and the last thing the girl says to me as they drive away was, “You’re going to get up!” Thanks for jinxing me. I have a history of failing at things once someone expresses faith in me. In high school, I did really well in a game and my coach praised me, and I immediately developed a fear of the softball. At work, I did well in one position and got promoted, and almost crashed and burned, until I realized that I am the slowest. learner. ever.

So they drive away, the boat drags me and I (sort of) popped right up!! I was so excited I almost fell over. Well, I did after about 5 seconds, but it was an awesome 5 seconds. And the only reason I fell is because Workaholic ran out of water and rather than plow into the shoreline, he decided to sharply turn the boat, of which this novice surfer could not handle. But I got right back up and had great form and fell only because my legs started to burn because I am so out of shape. I think that I am the only person in the history of wake surfing who got breathless trying to learn. The below picture I what I am sure that I looked like surfing (umm...not really)...

Anyway, I will try again next weekend, with the goal eventually being that I get up on the first try and not freak out that I am five feet off the back of the boat and have no idea what I am doing. Unless of course unless there is bad weather, or the boat is mysteriously out of gas, or my muscles are still sore from yesterday.

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Lakejunkies said...

And the boat is out of Gas all the time in this family!!!!!!!!!!!