Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 Families?

Last night, The Fonz disappeared. I let him out and he was more than thrilled to go…he loves this kind of weather. You know…the cold, windy, blustery kind that makes you want to sit in front of a fireplace? Yeah…he stands in the backyard, facing into the wind, checking out his domain, looking a bit like Mufasa on top of the rock in The Lion King. Apparently last night, he decided his domain was boring. And went a-wandering.

I told Workaholic that I think that he has another family, one that sees him every night, and feels sorry for him, and lets him into their house, and feeds him and gives him treats. And when he has gotten his fill of this new family, gotten all the love and adoration he can handle, he probably knocks the doorknob of their back door, asking to be let out, and they let him. And then he comes home.

Either that or he is having an affair with a coyote.

(This reminds me of Private Practice last night, where a guy brings in both of his pregnant wives. Yeah...he had two families)

So when he finally decided to make an appearance last night, he was all out of breath, and came trotting in like, “Hey, I’m home, let’s play!” As if nothing was wrong. Traitor. I punished him by making him sleep on the bed with me while I finished reading about Guns N Roses and their drug use and downfall. (ironically, the drug use was not their downfall) I am going to be such a mean mom…

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