Friday, November 14, 2008


For those of you who have been so kind as to inquire about my ass? It's much better. No more stabbing pains, I can walk fine, go up and down stairs, and turning over in bed is only slightly painful, due to very mild lower back pain. But that's the only time it strikes, so I am happy.

I went to the doctor today, I gained 5 lbs in the last two weeks, which puts me at 25 lbs gained so far. I was hoping to keep it under 30 for the whole pregnancy, but the perils of Halloween and Girl Scout cookies are doomed to be my downfall. The more I gain, the more I have to lose!! The kid has his head down, which I guess is good, considering that's how it's supposed to come out. We're hopeful he/she will stay that way. Otherwise my doc says to "Keep up the good work." I think he likes seeing me because my visits are so short, I don't have much to say or ask. It's like, "Hey, how's it goin'?" "Good? That's great. Okay, see you in 2 weeks!"

And I am liking the new minivan...the girls I work with love it because I can drive everyone when we go out to lunch. The back-up camera is handy, although I still feel weird about using it...I like to use my mirrors too. Old habits die hard I guess. But there is no excuse for running over anyone now. There is a lot of beeping that goes on the car too, so I am getting used to that.

Otherwise, we don't have the nursery ready, we don't have the closet ready, we don't have the house ready, (although the guest room is set up for anyone that comes to stay), and I can promise you that The Fonz isn't ready. He did meet up with his old friend Mr. Skunk last week...but he kept his distance, so a quick peroxide bath took care of it. Thank God for the internet!!

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