Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Shower

Yesterday, I had my baby shower. First of all, can I just say a big, ginormous THANK YOU to all who came, and all who bought me presents. Because I’m a bit ashamed to say that I kind of hit the jackpot. This kid totally has everything it needs and then some once it is born. And I’d also like to say another ginormous THANK YOU to my MIL and her sister, who put the whole shebang on. It was super nice.

When the whole baby shower thing started to be talked about, and we discussed venues, and decided that neither one of felt like having 50 of our closest friends and family over to our houses, (no offense…I think we just didn’t want to do that deep clean you feel you must do when having a big party…you know, like scrubbing the baseboards and other crap like that that no one even notices), and we settled on Tiebel’s…I had to laugh because even though that restaurant is sort of an institution for south Lake County, I had never been there. BUT, I heard that they have great fish. (which I know even though I don’t exactly eat fish)

So I walk in, and of course I am not early enough to greet the people who got there early, so I start to say hi to everyone and one of my sisters was quite surprised that I knew everyone there. I try. Hard. But it’s a big family and sometimes I get people confused or especially the little kids. I’m not very good with little kids; I never know what to say to them, so usually it’s just HI! and that’s about as far as I can go. I never think to compliment them on their awesome black Ugg boots, because I am too worried about what their name is and if they noticed that I didn’t say it because I was too scared about messing it up.

The one thing about my shower is that everyone complimented me on how great I look, and how cute I am, and basically saying that I am not huge and ginormous. Which after a while, I totally started to believe, until I saw the picture. I look like a big black and white pear. That is my MIL and can tell that they are just thrilled to be the grandmas!! I can't really tell if they are laughing or crying, or just want to lay down and take a nap because it was the end of the day and we were all pooped.

But anyway, it was a great time and it was great seeing you all and we'll have to get together again soon! Ya know, at the party that I promised to throw...

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