Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Workaholic has spent the past three days working on a project in Michigan, and finally allowed himself to come home last night. (which is to say that his dad told him to go home and he felt comfortable enough with the progress of said project to actually leave) He called last night to report that he was soooo excited that he got to shovel the driveway there yesterday. (yes, he is a freak, and yes, we do own a snowblower…but why use it if you are perfectly capable of shoveling?? Fun!!!)

Anyway, when he walked in to the house, I am sadsadsad that I didn’t have my camera handy, because he presented me with a snowball all the way from Michigan. (I guess the top of his truck held snow the whole way home) So I held it for about .5 seconds, admiring its beauty, and then the Fonz saw it. I swear, I saw his eyes light up. You could actually see the excitement in his body movements, (he was trembling) and within another .5 second, the perfect snowball (good snow for a snowman, packed well) was plucked from its perch in my chilled little hand and whisked across the room. Where it promptly got eaten. In tiny little bites, mostly from the play bow position, and completely. The best part was when I let him outside a minute later, he ran out, and stood looking back and forth across the backyard, and you could just see the confusion. “I don’t get it??? Where is it??? I just ate some!! Where the hell is the snow??????” Poor thing.

What I didn’t realize is that a mere 5 miles from my house, (not even as the crow flies, but by actual roads), is that they got snow! Like, a lot of snow. As in 8-10 inches of snow. Enough to have to shovel, or snow blow, or dig your car out. Enough to be late to work, and to have everyone at work talking about the snow, because most of us got nothing. Not even a light dusting across our still green grass. Poor little Fonz. I won’t tell him if you don’t tell him that the snow was so close, yet so, so far away. (I am posting a picture of him from last winter, it was nighttime, and actually snowing, and he was sooooo happy)

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Lakejunkies said...

NO SNOW BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!