Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

So a tradition in my family for years has been to go shopping on Black Friday. (yes, we are crazy) I think it originally started because it was a way to spend time together and bond while saving money while also knocking out some Christmas shopping. Over the years, we've realized that the insanity it has become has regulated us to also become insane. We went through the ads on Thursday, plotted which stores to hit in which order, and then...the jackpot. My nephew decided not to go home on Thursday night as originally planned, but stayed to *gasp* go shopping with his grandmother and aunts.

This is astounding for several reasons. One, he is 18 and home for Thanksgiving break from his freshman year at college. Two, he had a girlfriend waiting at home for him. And three, he convinced my mother to get up at 3:25am to go wait in line with him at Toys R Us. (to be fair, my mom only waited out in the cold for part of the time, but she was up and there!!) Mom always said that she would never be one of "those people" who gets up at 3am to go wait in line at Toys R Us to get the great deals. But there were 2 things there that were must-haves on the lists of grandkids, and well, she did what any other insane grandmother would have done. I just can't believe that my nephew is the one who got her to do it. Way to go!! Mission at Toys R Us accomplished, AND, they went to Target after that and accomplished another mission. What a great start to the morning.

As for me...let me just say that being 8 months pregnant at 4am at Kohls is not an advantage. People...yeah, they don't even see you. (and all that plotting, and the list...right out the window) But I got what I went for, and we even went back later, when it was still crazy, and got more. We got our traditional stuffed breadsticks from Lucas Pizza in the mall at 6am. Bread and Coke never tasted so good. 7 hours and roughly 10-12 stores later, my sister and I decided to call it quits. We had gotten everything that we could, plus a little for ourselves (hey...don't knock it 'til you tried it. It's just downright stupid to go shopping on that day, when there are such awesome deals, and not pick up a thing or two or three for yourself) I think that we only made 4 trips back to the car, and there was an incident with an exploding Sprite, but the holiday spirit was intact as we made our way home. (only to realize that gas went up 20 cents in the 10 minutes we passed the same gas station twice...guess the deals didn't extend to oil)

Once home, I ate, (leftovers...of course!) as it had been a good 6 hours since the breadsticks, and crashed. A three hour nap wasn't enough, and I slept roughly 14 hours last night. (and today) It's good to be home, and I am excited to sleep in my own bed, in my 64 degree bedroom. I think The Fonz is a tad bit bummed, because when we go to my parent's house, he gets his own twin bed to sleep on, and he doesn't have that here. We try to get him to sleep with us, but he is a bed snob. If he is touched, or if you move at all, he stands up, glares at you, huffs, usually farts, and then jumps down and flounces to the ground in disgust. Hey...can't live in luxery all the time. Might get spoiled.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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