Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boys Will be Boys

I spent the weekend watching crazy teens and twoppers doing insane shit at the winter X Games. There was Shawn White, winning his 8th straight medal, 6 of them gold, in snowboarding...and he is only 22 years old!! (I guess he has his mom to thank, when he was little, she would take him skiing. He started to go too fast, so she told him to go down backwards. When he got too fast at that, she made him learn snowboarding. And when he got too fast at that, she made him go down backwards. After that, I assume he started jumping over things and doing flips...and then he started getting paid)

I guess the 3 boys were inspired by the snowmobilng portion of the X Games, where some guy did a double flip...on a snowmobile. Who thinks of doing that??? He fell off at the landing, otherwise he might have broken his back because he overshot the landing a bit. But they counted it as the first every double flip ever done on a snow machine.

Anyway, at one point they came home wanting the camera to take pictures of just how awesome they are...that is some sick air!!

Workaholic also likes to just take pictures, randomly, which sometimes exhausts me. Mainly because they are usually of me, in the most unflattering of circumstances. (I won't even show the one of me drinking my first beer...while I just happen to be breastfeeding) (and the only reason I won't show it is because I look like death is beating on my door, pissed that he hasn't been able to take me yet) But sometimes, his complusive picture taking yields pretty good this one. That is his 2 brothers, leaving him in their snowdust, as they take off across the lake. Yep, that's our beloved Indian Lake, frozen as the Alaskan Tundra.

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