Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Babies

So everyone asks me how Fonz does with Samantha. And the answer is...I guess fine.

I don't notice big changes in his attitude or behavior. He sulks and pouts just as much as normal when he doesn't get the attention that he feels is due to him. He still gets the zoomies when it snows, still sleeps on the bed with us (when invited) and still begs for your plate when you are done eating dinner. When she cries a lot, he'll give me a look like, "Hello, can't you hear that? Make it stop." The only bit of jealousy I've noticed is when I sweet talk to her, he'll try to get in between us. But I don't let him, and only give him attention when he has backed off. He also tries to steal attention from visitors that are holding Samantha, but that really isn't all that new...he always bugs visitors for attention!!

He isn't real big on Sam being too near him...which is OK that he knows that there should be boundries. When we set her on him, he just gives us that look like, "Please please please let me get up!" You this...

Another question I get a lot is "How does Workaholic do with the baby?" When I was pregnant, by far the most frequently asked question I got from him was, "Can the baby come out and play yet? I'm bored..." Now that she is out, here is how Workaholic and his brothers pass the time.(and yes, that is a snowmobile helmet)
(BTW...I wasn't sure what I was going to call Samantha on this blog, I am not real big on using people's real names. But seeing as how it's pretty much just friends and family that read this, and it isn't going to get much more than that, what's the harm?)

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