Friday, January 2, 2009


Here I am, making lasagna for dinner, (and also to freeze), and waiting for the hamburger mix to finish cooking. And earlier today...I waited in traffic. (for no other reason than there were a lot of cars and too many stoplights) And you know what else I am waiting on?? This kid to get here. I took a couple of weeks vacation before my due date, which I am totally glad that I did, but now I just kind of hang out...and wait.

I did go see Four Christmases today, and yes, I went alone. Which was OK, because the internet lied to me and I was 5 minutes late walking in. It's pretty funny...wish I hadn't seen any of the previews. (why is it that they show the best part of the movie in the previews? So when it happens in the movie, you aren't all like...OMG!! That was soooo funny!!! You're like...yeah, saw that 100 times in the commercials for the movie)

I also went to Meijer...for the last time. Not only are the prices higher than Target, but there are thousands of people in the checkout line and the parking lots...and I had to wait in the aforementioned traffic just to get there. Sorry Meijer family...I just can't do it anymore.

Anyway, so if all of you are wondering...I am good, kid isn't here yet, and Workaholic is cold. (apparently he doesn't like me to keep the house at 66 degrees...wuss)

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