Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fear and Common Sense???

Last week, Workaholic threw an idea out to me that I immediately shot down in my head. It was crazy. He wanted to go to his parents cottage in Michigan and go snowmobiling with his brother and our friends. What was he thinking?? Our new daughter would be 8 days old. What if the roads were bad? Or worse yet...what if the roads got bad after we got there and we couldn't leave??

And then I got to thinking...we spend a lot of time there. Most weekends in the summer, usually a lot of weekends in the winter, and sporatically throughout the spring. (Not much in the fall because of Purdue football and the holidays.) And we are going to keep going there as long as God keeps us in his good grace to allow us to go. (and my in-laws good grace!) This kid is going to be spending a lot of time at this house, might as well get her used to the car ride. And how cool is it that she can say, "Yeah, I've been coming to the lake since I was 8 days old."??? Why let fear and common sense stop us?

So last Friday, we packed the minivan to the hilt, and set off. (Of course, we had 2 stops to make before we even left town), Once we got on the road, I tried to relax, but there was one little problem. Like a good mom, I was sitting in the back with my daughter, (should she need me for anything I am right there) and I realized that I kind of get carsick! Geez. (I was exhausted from the day, so maybe that played a little part). Needless to say, by the time we got there, I was happy to breathe in that freezing cold subzero air. And the kid?? She traveled like a champ. Slept the whole way there...and back!!
I am attaching the below picture just because I am so proud that I made the trip as soon as I did. (and to document the first time she went to the lake) I hate this picture, I look fat and bloated and (wow...still pregnant!!) and still slightly car sick. And yes, she is in that carseat...isn't that the coolest thing covering her? Who needs a million blankets?? (and yes, there was about 20 inches of snow on the ground...there was more by the time we left)

So we go in, and she is greeted by my in-laws, and swept from my arms, and I think I changed one diaper all weekend. It was great. I slept a lot, drank about one glass of wine, and slept some more. (in explaining why we decided to go last weekend, Workaholic explained to people that his new daughter was stir-crazy and needed to get out of the house)

I am glad that we got that first trip out of the way, under my to speak. I think that our little girl is going to like car rides, as well she should, only fun and excitement exists at the end of them! And now we won't think twice about packing the minivan to the max and throwing kid and dog in there and setting off for another great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

When do we get to hear how the Fonz is doing with said "kid"? When do you think you'll start calling her Samantha instead of "kid"? Your so funny... :)

Anonymous said...

Wait till she throws up in the van!!:)