Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OMG...we had a kid. A girl. With red hair. Not exactly the boy I was totally expecting (in fact, before the doctor could even announce her arrival, (he was busy with the cord) I looked down and said "Oh my God, it's a girl.") She weighed 6lbs 3oz. and was 19 inches long, born last Thursday. Two and a half years to the day from when Workaholic and I got married.

He lived up to his name in the delivery room, BTW. He was all business, holding my hand (before I got the epidural), laughing at my love of Matt Lauer (after I got my epidural) and cleaning up the things that needed to be cleaned up. He even kept it together enough to cut the cord!! And then he almost passed out...but didn't. I was so proud.

Here is the part where I tell all of you that the epidural is the best thing ever invented. EVER. I had what is called "back labor", and it hurt so bad I couldn't breathe sometimes. Crying was definitely out of the question. And if I hadn't gotten any meds, I most certainly would have passed out. She would've just been stuck in me forever. (and this is what they tell you to do. "Try to relax and breathe through it." You breathe through it you sadistic whore!! Give me MEDS NOW!!!!) Any anesthesiologist who administers epidurals should be knighted. And sainted. And given many gifts, like gold and frankincense. People always will say that you forget the pain of childbirth, and that is why you do it again. I don't think I'll be forgetting any time soon. But I'll do it again. I will just walk into the hospital next time and demand meds. Because this time, I was too polite and not insistent enough, and really? 12 hours of back labor is enough. For a lifetime. The nurse will fear me next time.

Anyway, she is a really cute baby. And I'm not saying that just because I am slightly biased. I am saying it because it is totally true. You know how you can tell if people are telling the truth by the tone of their voice? The 3 nurses that were in my room each saw her and said, "She really is a cute baby" they were surprised. And then they repeated it, except with emphasis. So if the nurses who see babies all day long think she is cute, then you know she is.

So now the 4 of us are at home, trying to get good sleep, and trying to eat on a reasonable schedule, and making sure she is clean and fed and happy. Just like her mom, she loves to sleep. One could say that she lives to sleep. Workaholic is snowblowing the driveway of the 8 or 10 inches of snow that have accumulated. Maybe less, I don't know, I haven't exactly been out. But him and Fonz are playing, so that makes me happy.

In the next 24 hours or so, you can go on, and I believe you can search by our last name to see her birth picture. And you can leave comments. Those are fun. Feel free. (it was supposed to have been available by now, but somewhere along the way, our signed permission slip didn't make it to the company, so they didn't put her up on the website, even though we signed the permission slip!) For now, here is her's the best one we have showing off her hair. (I still can't believe I have a red-headed daughter!!)


Anonymous said...

First of all, Samantha is beautiful!

Secondly, I love the "sadistic whore" comment. This is the first time reading your blog and I loved it.

Take care and get a ton of sleep while she still is into it.

Amy O'Connor-Antkiewicz

kat said...

ok, she looks like Tim, but pretty and in a baby version. I hope she picks up on sarcasm an wit or she won't survive! So proud of you both! ps. - Marley can't wait to meet the red headed girl she knew you would have!

:) kat

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! I am so excited that when we get together ( once a year) I know someone else, besides, colleen, bonnie, and brenda, will be a ble to understand the joys of motherhood ( along with some of the not so good parts)! Samantha is adorable in the pics. cant wait to come and see her. I feel your pain. I had back labor with all my kids. 17 hours with brandon than 3 more of it was trying to get the kid out. And then Austin took my time down to a grand total of 6 hours- so it gets better. you do forget the pain ( most of it), or at least your mind blocks it out- kind of like ammnesia, and you go on to have more beautiful children. Best of luck. It is a total life change. You will have good and bad days and milestone days. ENJOY and CHERISH everyone of them.

Dawn Van Kley

Anonymous said...

Yea!!!! Pictures without the hat.
She is adorable. Welcome to the red-headed O'Connor family. We all waited to see IF our children would have that red hair. Only a few were lucky.
I was also blessed with that WONDERFUL back labor, but mine was ONLY 27 HOURS. Then they finally decide on a C-section. I only dialated to 2 centimeters.
I also did it again. The pain goes away eventually. They are totally worth it.
Enjoy her while she is little. They don't stay that way long.
Robin ;)

krfollmar said...

In case you haven't heard..........................!


Despite the facts and stats that we're only now 2% of the population. Evolution is recruiting and rejecting only the best Reds.

Welcome Lil Lu Lu!
Kristy Rose