Friday, April 24, 2009

Clothes, Babies, and Baby Clothes

For those of you on Facebook who haven’t hidden my posts, you’ll know that I packed up my maternity clothes the other night. I did it for 2 reasons. 1) I needed the hangers. 2) I was sick of thinking I had so many clothes to choose from while getting dressed for work only to realize that I really have 3 different shirts in 6 different colors, all from The Gap outlet at Michigan City.

When I first decided that I was going to be organized about packing things, I told Workaholic that I needed bins. And then we made a special trip to Target for said bins. And while we are wandering around, and I am completely dissatisfied with the selection of plastic Target bins, and venting about why do they constantly change their bins and where are the ones that they USED to have, and even though there was an entire aisle dedicated to home storage, just filled with plastic bins, he finally thinks to ask me what we are doing there. At Target. Where we went to buy bins. When I tell him this, he was all like, “Oh, I bought 5 at the funnest place on Earth the other day.” (meaning…The Home Depot)

Anyway, I was shocked to see that I filled up 2 bins of my maternity clothes. And that excludes the 10 pairs of pants that I borrowed from a friend at work. Granted, I only wore 2 pairs of those pants, and just about wore the butt out of one of them, but still. OH…and there were 2 shirts too that I had borrowed from her that I wore. One of them, a pretty white one, was huge. It was OK for it to have fit her, because she had twins, and it was a huge shirt. At least it was huge the first time I looked at it. By my 9th month, I was thrilled that the pretty white HUGE shirt fitted just fine.

So now, I am sad to report that I need to pack up all of Samantha’s newborn clothes, and her 0-3 month onsies. Of which there are about 300. Shortly, she will be fitting in the 3-6 month clothes. Which is sad for me, because Carters marks their clothes in the high numbers. Which means their 6 month clothes are for 3-6 month kids. At least that’s what my sister told me. All I know is it fits kids 12.5-16.5lbs. (why not 12-16 I have no idea) So the clothes that she will be wearing are size 6. And she isn’t even 4 months old. I know she is fitting right into what she is supposed to, but it is just so sad that she is growing up so fast!! And it is also so sad that all of her 6 month clothes are really summery, and yesterday it was barely 60 degrees. We’ll be stretching out the clothes marked 3 month a little bit longer, I think.

On a happier note, a friend of ours called this morning to say that they had their first child last night. The poor woman pushed for a long while and then wound up having to have an emergency c-section…and the epidural wore off so they had to completely knock her out. Can you say SCARY??? But everyone is fine now and they have a healthy 7lb 10 oz. baby girl. Welcome to the world, Lily Kay!

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lumbergh said...

omg! i thought i was the only one who missed the old target bins. my whole damn house was packed up in those, now what am i supposed to do??

(throw some of this crap out or ebay it obviously, but that would require work....)