Monday, April 13, 2009

You know when you have those dreams that you know that you need to wake up from, but you really just don’t want to? I had one this morning. It was great. (as a disclaimer, in my dream, I was definitely single with no children, and I lived with my parents. I also think there is a good chance I may have been around 20)

Long dream short, (only because at this point, I can’t really remember it much anymore) it involved Johnny Depp, Fonz, and me being in Johnny’s house…which the neighbors (who apparently knew he was a famous movie actor type) did NOT appreciate. And it was a hot Johnny Depp, who lived in a very middle-class neighborhood with a small but neatly maintained and landscaped fenced-in backyard; not the weird-looking one who lives in France and shaves his facial hair in an odd combination of a beard and a mustache. We hung out, and played with our dogs, and watched TV and drank something from a cup. It was awesome. I also recall that my parents were looking for me, and how pissed off they were that I had not come home in a couple of days. Not worried…pissed. Which means that they knew that I was staying at Johnny Depp’s house. And right at the end of the dream, there was a sweet kiss on the cheek good-bye…which now that I think about it, was the only kiss in the whole freakin’ dream. And then there was running from the neighbors, and diving into a car as it sped away.

How is it that I have a dream where I am in Johnny Depp’s house, yet all I get is a peck on the cheek??? It’s just not fair. If I am going to have a dream about not coming home because I am hanging out with Captain Jack Sparrow, it had better be for a good reason. I’d elaborate, but my mom reads this blog. Use your imaginations.

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