Monday, April 20, 2009

Skunks, squirrels, and God

A while back, I wrote about how Fonz tangled with his dear friend, Mr. Skunk. And how he seemed to be getting a clue about his friend, because the first time they met, there was barking, and chasing, and subsequently, a shot of urine to the face. (he must’ve gotten it right in the eyes, because he was rubbing his face on the porch and the wood got wet) And the next time, it was more on his body, and the third time, it was only on his tail. The first time it happened I jumped on the internet and it was there I discovered the magic potion that some delightful scientist came up with to rid dog fur of the aroma of skunk pee. It works wonders; except for the small detail of not getting the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and dishwashing liquid anywhere near the eyes of the poor creature that was dumb enough to not stay away from Flower.

So last night, Fonz was out doing the rounds of the yard when he must have encountered his old buddy. And who says that old dogs can’t learn new tricks or that Goldens are dumb? Because FINALLY, after all these years, he has learned that when he sees that white stripe, to turn around and RUN FOR HIS LIFE. There was the beautiful smell of skunk in the air, but when Fonz came into the house, with his head down and tail tucked, dropping to his belly when asked the dreaded question, “What did you do?”, he DID NOT smell like the bastard Flower. I was so proud I gave him an attaboy.

On another note, baby Samantha (otherwise known as baby squirrel) is getting baptized on Saturday. Since I wasn’t on the ball to get her baptized before Lent, I had to wait until she was almost 4 months old. Fortunately, the dress that me and all of my sisters wore is drapey enough so that she could fit into it even if she was the size of a small elephant. We just may not button the top button…I don’t think God will mind. My favorite priest, Father Dan, is doing the honors, and we are having lasagna at my mom’s house afterward. There was some talk last Saturday night (I'll admit it, there was alcohol involved) of heading to the Neon Cactus to see my buddy Bruce afterwards, but I think that I am going to put off the trip until I can get a group together sometime later this year. It just seems sort of wrong, baptizing your kid and then ditching her with grandma while you go out and get wasted.

On a side note, I was talking to a co-worker of mine in her office just now, and my boss walks in and said, “I thought I’d find you in here.” Oops. Better get to work now…

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