Monday, April 27, 2009

Samantha's Baptism

Last weekend was the big baptism. I was so worried about whether or not the dress was going to fit, (both hers and mine) I really forgot most everything else. My mom saw to it that there was food and dessert, and my MIL chipped in her awesome salad. My friends saw to it that there was beer, and Workaholic made sure him and his brother’s were there. Dressed.

I am sorry to all who attended for the heat. Because it was HOT. As in, really friggin’ hot. We sat in the back during Mass soas to not disturb the other parishioners with the half dozen small children we had. Samantha decided she needed a break, because she chose to poop her diaper not once, but twice, during the one hour Mass. She never does that. And of course, it got all over her onsie.

She didn’t scream when she got the water poured on her head, (because it was so hot she thought it felt good) and I daresay that she was flirting with Father Dan when he was talking about the Oil of the Catechumen; she was smiling and screeching as he was telling her about exorcisms. OK, not really talking much about exorcisms, but she did discover echoes…and she loves them.

So now she is baptized, when I get a chance, I’ll upload a picture of her in her dress and bonnet.

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