Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

For years, I have heard about how my friend Dr. Nadene’s husband wanted a Golden Retriever. He wanted one before he got his first love, Sullivan, the Jack Russell Terrorist…I mean, Jack Russell Terrier. (I love you Sully…you handsome devil you!!) Sully really is a good dog, other than his propensity to want to eat small children, most men and French Bulldogs. He’s a smart dog who loves his mom and dad. (sometimes I think that he could’ve run for President except for that damn opposable thumb requirement). Of course, I attribute his intelligence to osmosis when he was a puppy, with a doctor for a mom and an engineer for a dad, one could expect no less than a genius-dog.

When Dr. Nadene’s client realized that their home was getting foreclosed upon, and they couldn’t take their almost 2 year old Golden, Quincy, to their new apartment, Dr. Nadene offered to help. He is out of that puppy stage, housebroken, and best of all...RED!! And while I have to say that I was a little worried about how Sully Jack would react to a big ol’ dumb Golden intruding on his house, I think he is settling in just fine. Welcome to the family Quincy!!
Of course, when you have friends in the dog business, you come across lots of pups in need of a new home. Recently, with the economy, there has been a substantial increase of owner surrenders to shelters and rescues because people got in over their heads on mortgages, or lost their jobs, and now are losing their homes. Three years ago, it was the American dream; buy a house and a dog. Now, there are more cases than you can count of people who lose both. I used to volunteer with Adopt A Lab, and the founder knows that my first love are Goldens. So whenever she gets a Golden in, she will often e-mail me to see if I’d be interested. Needless to say, my plate is a little full lately, so I can’t adopt this young beauty. She is 7 months old and housebroken. Look at that expression!!

And then there is my friend Jennifer, who lives out in the country and meets all kinds of strange dogs. Stray dogs fall into her lap as she has worked in rescue for years and years. This all American dog (aka mutt) wandered into her life; she’s been named Heidi, is spayed, and apparently had a home before as she has made herself quite comfortable on Jennifer’s bed.

If you have a place in your home and your heart, (and you are in no danger of foreclosing), contact me and I’ll pass on the info!!

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that I am proud to be the only person Sully, the Jack Russell Terrorist pee's for upon greeting. I am held in high esteem in his little brain!

Thanks for posting Heidi's picture. My workaholid continues to call her Sashi, like Kashi. Nothing is sticking or seems to fit... I call her "hey" or "dog".