Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Indiana residents...please help!!

Please do this this morning, as soon as you read.

Rep. Lawson of Hammond is trying to pass a bill protecting dogs from the horrors of puppy mills. (if you don't know what they are, click on the link to the left, Stop Puppy Mills) Senator Brent Steele of Bedford is ultimately trying to kill the bill, as he is the committee chairman. He won't allow it out of committee without eliminating a "home rule", which says that if towns have stronger anti-cruelty laws, their laws preside over state law. Basically, the pathetic state law will rule, instead of local laws that people have gotten passed. All we are trying to do is save dogs. That is it.

Please take 10 seconds and call the numbers below. Let them know that Senator Steele is hurting the Republican Party in Indiana. Let them know that you support Rep. Lawson's version of the bill, or at the very least, the home rule must stand. Someone will take a message, and they will be hand delivered, as we are down to the last minute on this.
Thank you!!!

Republican Party Headquarters: 317-635-7561
Senator Steele: 317-232-9814 (I got a machine when I called)
Governor Mitch Daniels: 317-232-4567
Senate Republicans: 317-232-9400

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