Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Gosselin Rant

OK, I have something I’ve got to get off my chest. And I know that most people probably disagree with me on this, but just friggin’ hear me out. It’s about Kate Gosselin.

I know, I know. “Kate’s a bitch, Kate’s a terrible mother, no wonder Jon left Kate.” I’ve heard it all. But try to look at things her way. She married young, which is not a crime. She married an idiot who wasn’t mature, also not a crime. (in fact, most people have made many of the same errors…and no one judges them so harshly) It’s not her fault that he didn’t stand up for himself, or quit standing up for himself. There is this little thing called marriage, and being a mature grown-up. When you have 8 kids under the age of 3, yeah, things are going to get tough. But that is when you ask for help and figure shit out.

And so together, TOGETHER, they made decisions. They decided to try for one more child. NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE, thinks they are going to get six kids when they are trying fertility. You might get two or three, but SIX??? So, they decided to go on TV. They decided to buy a new, much larger house. They decided to have Jon stay home while Kate traveled around selling books and making money to support a family of ten. They decided to get not one, but two dogs. And then Jon was like, “Oh wait, I’ve changed, I suddenly realize I’m not like I was when I was 21, I’m not happy anymore.” (BTW...who is like they were when they were 21?) And then it was like he blamed her for everything. And now, she is stuck with an ex-husband who she can’t depend on, a million dollar home on acreage that has to be taken care of, not to mention eight kids.

I’m not saying that marriage and divorce isn’t a 2 way street. Because it totally is. And she had a hand in the failure of her marriage too. But for God’s sake people, give the woman a break!! This is the question that drives me crazy the most…”Who’s watching her kids while she is on Dancing With the Stars?” (aka…while she is making money). I don’t know…How about her ex-husband??? Oh wait, he’s not that helpful, so she has to have a full-time babysitter. Why is not a single person saying, “Where is Jon the five days a week you are home?” and “Why doesn’t Jon come and stay with the kids while you are away two days a week?” Does he even contribute to the household expenses for his kids’ house? Does he go to the grocery store or does he buy things like shampoo and toilet paper? Does he check homework every night?

I hate it when MEN say, “She is such a bitch, she is setting a terrible example for her children.” Umm…are you in her house? Do you see how she deals with them, every day? What about the example Jon is setting for the kids? Dating a 22 year old and hosting Vegas parties and living hours away in New York City? Maybe he deals with them great in the house, when no one is watching, (since he kicked out the TV cameras), but WE don’t know that. WE don’t know how the kids are doing. Don’t just assume that SHE is fucking up the kids. You know, by working. (Which BTW…how the hell is she supposed to support a family of 10 on a nurse’s salary? That is her other option. Don’t judge until you’ve been put in her shoes.)

I just hate the double standard. I fucking hate it. (If Jon was on Dancing With the Stars, no one would even question it. In fact, why isn’t he? What is he doing lately?) The woman is simply a nurse who became a mom who was on TV. She isn’t an actress or a performer or someone who has been in the spotlight all her life or someone who has huge boobs and is making a living based off of that. She is just trying to support her kids. Give her a fucking break.


Anonymous said...

Gail, You need to be more like your father, who would read this blog and ask, "Who's Kate Gosselin."

Anonymous said...

You crack me up when you vent. But I agree with you.

Jessica Warrick said...

I completely agree. Were is Jon in the upbringing of his kids lives and why should she have to hire a babysitter when they have a father that can care for them.