Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Entertain Me, Damnit!

Dear internet,

I’m sorry to report that I have come to your end. I just can’t find anything else interesting to look at. I mean, I have my blogs I check every day, and I click on the animal rescue site and the breast cancer research site every day to help feed animals and fund mammograms. I check the weather, and the news, and my e-mail. I peruse petfinder and various rescue websites. If I am really desperate, I’ll look for breeders for Golden Retrievers and Flat-Coat Retrievers. (Which, BTW, there are NO flat-coat breeders close to me…can you do anything about that?) I occasionally look for recipes, and look at the caffeine content of my drinks and shop for clothes online. I balance my checkbook and stalk the Bank of America website to see how much Workaholic has spent at The Home Depot today. Isn’t there anything else you can offer me, internet? I am bored.


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