Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a Mom!

It’s happened. It’s true. I am a typical parent. Sigh. I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. (Yes, Sam is 14 months old and I am 17 weeks along with our second. But still.)

When I was pregnant the first time around, and we realized that not only did we need a bigger car, but needed a minivan, Workaholic would always tease me that I would be the soccer mom with French fries under the seat. And that the car would smell funny. I vehemently denied that this would be me, and the first time we ate McDonalds on the way to the lake, he dropped a fry and I went all bug-eyed Psycho crazy on him. So imagine my horror when, yesterday, he pulled forward the middle seat so our friend could get in the back, and there was a baby bottle underneath. Not just any bottle, but a half-full bottle of milk. That had curdled!! Eww!!!

Oh the embarrassment!! And to happen in front of friends too!! Who will just mock me relentlessly for the next year!! I now want to take all the seats out of the van and vacuum it and clean the carpets. We did get those Weather Tech floor mats, (which were a savior BTW), so really, the only part of the carpet that needs to be cleaned is the spots under the seat, where I spilled curdled milk.

Since I am now a typical mom, I’ll give you a Samantha update: She was 19lbs, 12 oz (nope…not yet 20lbs!) at her last appointment a couple of weeks ago, which was for a double ear infection. She was pulling at her ear yesterday, which means absolutely nothing because she has never once done that when she actually had an ear infection. The signs last time? She slept for 19 hours straight and just didn’t seem like herself. No fever. No ear pulling. No head tilt or other various ticks. She had a runny nose, if that even counts for a child that goes to daycare. The only reason we got in to see the doctor as quick as we did is because Workaholic lied to the nurse on the phone and said that she’d had a fever for a couple of days. Hey, it worked!

She now knows how to run, and walk backwards. That is her newest trick that she likes to show off. She also has the first half of blowing kisses down. And, the best part, she is finally showing an interest in Fonz. She’ll randomly walk up to him and pet him, and look at us and smile real big, since she is “being nice.” She also tries to throw his toys for him, she knows which ones are his, and will pick one up and drop it in front of her. (For his part, he typically ignores this, because really? That just isn’t exciting enough for him.) For a child who will whip anything across the room from her high chair, I know she can do better, so we’re working on it. We decided that Fonz is roughly the size of a horse compared to her, so when she occasionally covers her face or goes running when he comes near, we sort of understand. She’s been knocked on her ass a fair number of times.

That’s about all I know. Oh wait…we did have an open house yesterday, a couple of people seemed interested, so we’ll see if that goes anywhere. Again, not getting my hopes up, except I am. I think I am going to spend the rest of my day debating whether to eat the Fannie May candy bars (yes, plural) I just bought, or the peanut butter cup cupcake my friend brought me. Pretty sure the cupcake will win out.

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