Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 3 ~ Something You Have to Forgive Yourself For

Day 3 ~ Something You Have To Forgive Yourself For

When I was little, I loved going to my mom's parents' farm.
I didn't love going to my dad's parents' house.
It wasn't the farm, and I told myself that since they smoked, I would rather be out at the farm, instead of their house "in town.".
I was mean about it, throwing fits like only a youngest child can. And I often got my way.
When my dad's parents passed, I realized only then just how awesome they were.
I regret not spending more time with them, giving them more of a chance.
There is nothing I can do about it now, and they are in heaven, so I doubt they care anymore.
Hopefully I'll see them someday and can make up for it.

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