Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Weekend on Campus

Paige over at Life Is A Phoenix reminded me that sometimes, you have to blog, otherwise you won't do it and you'll totally regret not writing this shit down. Or, in this case, sharing with the world.

A couple of weeks ago, we went down to Purdue for a football game and decided to take Sam along. The next day, we took our first stroll on campus as a family of five. Check out our awesome pictures...

The three of us at the game.

Sam wasn't too sure about the fountain, Fonz loves it.

Family photo courtesy of random student who didn't even try to run away with our camera!

Pondering the meaning of life.

And this is how Sam ended her weekend...totally wiped out.

(yes, she WAS weaned off the pacifier, but then Charlie came along and so she steals it whenever she gets a chance)


paige said...

I popped over for a visit and I was like hey! that's me! I'm useful!

Totally useful.

Anyway...cutest baby ever. Thought you should know because I'm sure you hadn't noticed. :)

me said...

I didn't even notice the pacifer...but does she still go in that swing?