Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 8 ~ Someone Who Made Your Life Hell, or Made You Feel Like Shit

OK, sorry Kevin, but it isn't just you.

Pretty much every boyfriend I ever had made my life hell at some point, and they all definitely treated me like shit.

I think it is part of the marathon of dating and finding your true match.

I think it is part of growing up and learning about yourself.

Because I can promise you that I dished out my own hell, and have treated people like shit. I am often thoughtless like that.

I try not to do that anymore. I am sure that I have done it though. It is all part of becoming the person that you want your kids to think you are.

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paige said...

This is so true. Everyone is mean to someone at some point. That means you'll probably be on the recieving end, too.