Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know that a lot of mommy bloggers start blogging because they are excited about having a kid, and they want to document the journey. And then it turns into something more, a community of people helping you, and encouraging you along your path.

If you read someone for a long time, you see their child's progression from the mom being pregnant to a screaming newborn, to a crawler, and then the toddler stage. At this point, the sleep deprivation of the newborn weeks/months is a happy memory, and they are trying to not bitch slap the thing that replaced their sweet, innocent little baby.

Samantha has officially entered the "I am seriously trying not to toss you out the front door and lock it" stage. She has this...whine. If you tell her no, she immediately starts in with "Uuuueeeee". Or whatever it sounds like...you people know what I am talking about. And, depending on her level of sleep deprivation, the whine will quickly escalate into a screaming, throw-herself-on-the-floor tantrum. Depending on my level of patience, I either whip her up and set her on the stairs, yell at her and tell her to stop crying, or just step over her and leave the room. I am thinking I need to do the latter much. more. often.

The stairs thing is effective if she isn't yet in full tantrum. As is the "stop crying" command. What gets really, really, old is when the full tantrum happens oh...every 5 minutes or so. And you try throwing her in bed to take a nap and she just screams or yells for you or just flat out doesn't sleep. It is a never-ending cycle, especially in public, with anyone who doesn't have a toddler or hasn't had one for 20 years either feeling sorry for you ,or giving you judgemental looks. JUST WAIT PEOPLE.

I feel bad. I feel like all I do is yell. Or snap. (Speaking of...her latest thing to say? "Oh snap!" Which is super cute.) Her other latest thing? "NO WAY MOMMY!" Followed quickly by throwing herself on the floor. (or maybe she just trips and winds up on the floor, you never know)

me: "Sam, do you want milk or water for dinner?"

Sam: "Milk or water. Water or milk. JUICE!"

me: "Sam, you've already had a lot of juice today, do you want milk or water?"

Sam: "Juuuuiiiiiiice!!"

me: "Fine, you are having water."


Another example that is super, duper frustrating?

me: "Sam, come over here and lay down so I can change your diaper."


And yes, sometimes I do just let her walk around with a diaper that is almost hanging to the floor, because she just. won't. cooperate. You know what happened then? She peed on the chair. Through her diaper. Sigh...

I know other people have it way worse. They have kids with autism, or just kids with much shorter fuses and much more stamina. And attention span. I know I don't have it that bad. Because nothing that been that terrible with her. But this "terrible two's"? Is getting on my nerves. And I've heard that the three's are worse!!

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Rebecca said...

Oh boy I can't wait for that! I do think you'll be used to dealing with the tantrums by the time she gets to the terrible 3's. Hang in there!