Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 Months

Dear Charlotte,

It was 7 months ago today that we brought you home from the hospital. I hope and pray that I am not always running 2 days late when celebrating your birthday.

You were a cute bundle of joy, and everyone said that you looked nothing like your sister. But I thought you did. I was sure I had a handle on exactly what to do to make you a perfect baby, and I tried enacting my practices right from the start, just like the book said.

But you didn't like that. You cried, and cried, and then screamed. I feel so badly that it took me 6 weeks to realize that you were in pain the whole time. Your belly hurt, and you couldn't make it feel better. Anything that did make it feel a little better just made it much worse later. Once we started you on formula, you became the happy baby I know today.

You love to giggle at your sister, and she takes particular joy in making you belly laugh. She tries to tickle you just like we do, and she talks to you just like K does, and she tries to give you your bottle and change your diaper, all of which you like. You do NOT like it when she hugs you and then pushes you over or head butts you. Which happens on a fairly regular basis.

You have started eating baby food now, and delight in spitting it back at me when I give you too much, or give you a kind you don't like. You love bananas and prunes, and tolerate sweet potatoes, pears and carrots. We are still putting Karo syrup in your bottles to help with the pooping situation, and you are gaining weight like a champ. 75th percentile...good job!!

You are kicking ass at swim class. You float by yourself for a few seconds, and when allowed to go under water you know how to get to the surface. And you are even mastering rolling over from your belly to your back! You hardly ever cry anymore, and your teacher just adores you.

You are also becoming the master sleeper. Not quite as much as your sister, but you do enjoy at least 11 hours a night, and are waking up to scream for your pacifier less and less. Either that, or I don't hear you and you find it on your own. Speaking can now put it in your mouth all by yourself! Good job!

There are a few things that you are a tad bit stubborn about. You will not hold your own bottle. You are quite strong and pull back whenever I try to put your hands on it. You also will not roll over. I know you can, you did it just last night when no one was looking. But if you know someone is in the room to do your bidding, you'd rather lay and SCREAM until someone picks you up. idea where you go that from.

You love to sit up. You want to see what is going on. Who knows when you will crawl since you scream whenever you are on your belly. You might walk first because you love your little pink car walker. I'm becoming quite impressed by your ability to maneuver around all the furniture and the kitchen cabinets.

All in all darling little Charlie, you are everything a mommy could hope for. You are awesome and beautiful and make me smile every single day. I can't wait to see what you do next. I love you!!!

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