Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I've had this cough. You know, the kind that gets worse at night. And wakes up your 7 month old, who just happens to be sleeping in the same room as you. And your husband. And the dog. And the cat. Who all just happen to be in the same room. And no, I didn't leave the room...I was suffering enough! I got to work early this morning, and had a good hack while walking down a hallway. A co-worker (who shall remain nameless, ERIC), gave me one of those, "Eewwww" looks and told me that I need to go to the doctor. That my cough sounded "bronchial." After I got sick of sitting at my desk being tired (due to the lack of sleep, you know, the coughing), I decided to go to the Immediate Care down the street from my office. Approximately 2 hours later (I guess not so immediate), I was diagnosed with bronchitis. WTH? I've never had that before. Is it sad that I feel a strange sense of validation? Like I can say now, "See people?? I was sick! I did deserve to take that 3 hour nap!" I told you I was sick.

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